Business-critical data calls for a high level of security, redundancy and integrity. So it must be stored within a robust infrastructure that can withstand disasters and upheavals. Easy customization and highly operational round the clock security justifies our long-term industry presence. The following practices ensure world class security on UNOX: Role based security Either locked down or Open Book exam option provided with high security Individual OTP created for high security and individual student identification Regular Audit and Vulnerability Assessments is done. Incorporation of secure programming codes, designed to meet International standards of development. Hybrid security is assured while decoding the encrypted, encoded content on multiple platforms. All student identifiable data and other business data, which is not expected to be released outside the organization, is encrypted. Data sanitization is performed before moving the production data to Test and Development environment. Cryptographic keys associated with the application are kept under safe custody. Base line security controls as suggested as best practices are implemented at OS level.