The industry leaders in Digital Assessment Solutions that automates the examination process to eliminate manual administrative work

UNOX provides paperless assessment platform for Higher Education, Entrance Test, Aptitude Test, Semister Examination, Certification and Corporates that are scalable from hundreds to millions of test-takers and learners. Technology so clever and intuitive that your focus stays where it should – on driving better education and training outcomes for your organisation.

Gone are the days when the only way to take an exam was to be physically present in the examination hall. UNOX removes the most common challenges with administering physical, paper-pen examinations while providing a highly secure and scalable solution that allows a host of unique benefits.


UNOX has a suite of relevant tools that simplify the entire process of conducting an exam, both subjective and objective. We've created some cutting edge tools that make the entire process of examination, effortless! Right from assembling a question paper, to attempting the answers, and making the evaluation process seamless, all these and more are accomplished digitally. Needless to say, this is achieved while making sure that all unscrupulous elements are eliminated during the examination. Thereby saving, time, resources and money.

Choose ease and efficiency with UNOX

  • Provides a secure platform to administer exams
  • Streamline examination management process
  • Reduces administrative handling by 90%
  • Eliminates printing requirements
  • Integration with LMS and ERP ( IMS global member and LTI Standardised)

It’s Secure

It’s Automated

It’s Scalable

It’s Green

The Digital Revolution In Paperless Examination

Mankind's survival is dependent on its ability to adapt to change. Then why should the education industry stay away from being disrupted?

We know that you have been trying to modernise your examination system. However, the lack of good, robust, reliable and credible systems and technology has frustrated your efforts so far.

It's time to change the way exams are conducted and make the process relevant for the students and easier for the institutions.

It's time UNOX helps you navigate through all the challenges and realize the world of possibilities in transforming the examinations process in your institution, creating an environment of trust, security and accuracy.

How it works

Create Assessments

Create users and examinations in a user-friendly environment in a quick way 7 different roles: student, IT Admin, Invigilator , Faculty , approval board, Coordinator , super admin along with Audit tool

Authenticate, Audit, Approval & Deliver

Invigilator has the facility to authenticate and monitor student sitting at their desk Audit tool records every action of the users


Faculty can evaluate from anywhere. Comment, highlight and extract results for further grading

Reports and Notifications

All users receive auto notifications. Students receive notifications and results on their dashboards along with their evaluated answer sheets hence they can reflect on their learning.

Our work speaks for us



Users consistently provide outstanding feedback on the ease of use of the product from both administration and student perspectives.


Full lock-down of the system resources with options to allow secured access to MS Office tools such as Excel and Word.


Options to allow secured access to open book exams wherein only allowed content is available via built-in PDF viewer.


There are 7 roles (Student, IT Admin, Invigilator, Faculty, Approval Board, Coordinator, Super Admin along with Audit tool) in the system with specific tools accessible for each role.

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