UNOX Portal provides paperless assessment platform for Higher Education,  Entrance Test, Aptitude Test, Semester Examination, Certification and Corporates that are scalable from hundreds to millions of test-takers and learners. UNOX Portal has a suite of relevant tools that simplify the entire process of conducting an exam, both descriptive and objective. Our cutting edge tools make the entire process of examination, effortless! Right from assembling a question paper, to attempting the answers, and making the evaluation process seamless, all these and more are accomplished digitally.

Create Knowledge Bank (Set of Questions, Answers, Papers submitted, Articles, Objective type etc.)

Manage Archives of Old Question Papers

Attach Reference Notes and Diagram for Students

Role based Security

Secure & Reliable Secure management of exams (delivery of questions & Answers during exam)

Secured Access Anywhere - SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption

Auto Save Option


Randomized presentation of questions

Sections and sub-sections that group questions and feedback logically

Instructions including videos and images can appear anywhere in the assessment

Advanced scoring options to calculate scores or ratings at all levels

Alerts – Configuration, Time based, Event triggered

Systems Integration With Major Enterprise Systems