Conducting a Test Assessment within your organization can be a daunting task full of complex and unknown issues. UNOX Portal team can help you to identify possible use cases and proactively anticipate the issues.


Students and educators can get profound insights about the test performance. These insights at macro and micro level can be potent tool for performance improvement.

Production and Operational Support

Our spirited and result led support staff can help you get the most out of the UNOX portal by solving all your queries and providing in-depth explanations on our product offerings, features, usage of the various tools and how they can be best employed to drive scale and economies.

Issue Solution -Unlimited Incidents

At UNOX Portal we understand that no two businesses are alike and neither are their aspirations and challenges. We aim to make all our customers feel valued by providing them with seamless support and perpetual help, irrespective of the number of incidents reported. Our services and our staff are always available to resolve any query.

Rock-Solid Infrastructure

Make the most of the seamless enterprise led platform that is sustainable as well as scalable. Let your assessments be empowered by a powerful network with almost unlimited bandwidth.

At UNOX Portal we've created competencies that can handle any scale of assessments. No matter what your business size is, we will deliver results that match your aspirations.

Guaranteed Uptime

The strength of our infrastructure and support systems makes it possible for UNOX Portal assessment portal to offer an industry-leading 99.9+% Guaranteed Uptime policy. While many companies are struggling to keep up with the technology in this fast-paced industry, we at UNOX Portal has our focus on to really specialize.

Reliable Support

Our world class support in handling the user’s grievences and managing your content shall give you a complete edge in your business. Our key differentiator is that you can rely upon as as your extended technical team that is always on its toes for you and your customers.

Affordable Pricing

When you go for 'Paperless', you choose cost efficiency and manpower optimization. In short, you choose a better ROI. We aim to consistency along with adding immense quality and value in our partners' ecosystem at highly competitive pricing. Our robust technology platform and world-class support are much more than value for money.